Announcement regarding covid19

To our valued customers,

Challenging times lay ahead for all of us. Now is the moment that the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world, unites to fight this outbreak. Diadem Jewellery have been working on contingency plans for the last month and would like to share what this means for our customers.

Effective from today (17/03/2020), and until further notice, our Altrincham shop will be closing its doors. We do this with a heavy heart, but we must protect the elderly and the most vulnerable among us, and by staying open we do nothing but increase that risk. This, is not a risk we are willing to take. We have not made this decision lightly, we understand it may cause concern, but we must do everything we can to protect each other, even if that means a severe loss of income.

All outstanding repairs have been completed and customers contacted.

Our website, will continue to be operational. We’ll still be on-hand via live chat and e-mail for any customer queries. However, our suppliers have cautioned us that we should expect imminent disruption. That is why we’ll be creating a separate section on our website that will feature the remaining items from our Altrincham store. An announcement about this will be made in the coming days.

In the weeks and months to come, many businesses will suffer, some will collapse. That’s why it’s so important to support your local businesses if you can afford to. Most of our income comes from repairs and in-store sales, so if you or your loved ones are looking for the special gift, we’d massively appreciate it if you would consider us.

We want to take the time to wish you all the best with the challenging times that lay ahead for us. Look out for one another.

Kind regards,
Diadem Jewellery